Walking in a Winter Wonderland- Engagement

With the holidays here, I have been dying to adventure to Mt. Hood and grab some snow shots. I absolutely fell in love with Natalie, because when she showed me her ideas at our consultation, they jived with mine perfectly on what we both wanted! Derrick and Natalie were already an absolutely gorgeous couple so I knew they would make my job easy and the ideas in my brain come to life! Yes, I can check 1 of the bazillion off the list haha! Natalie rented a stunning red dress from Rentherunway.com and it stole the show of the shoot. You guys. We were literally in a blizzard for the first hour we were there and she was willing to run around with me in a stunning regal red dress and have snow up to her knees and cold winds in her hair! Talk about dedication! I am so happy we did because I absolutely love this shoot and I am so so excited for their wedding! They are such an awesome, down to earth couple, with a style I adore, and I know their wedding will be perfect! And getting to know Nat, I know the details will be pinterest swoon worthy 😉 But for now, lets drool over that dress and their smiles….(sigh) THEY ARE SO FLIPPIN CUTE!

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